Graffiti Stories goes LIVE on the air!

Media Release

May 16, 2014


Graffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright Futures is now available on MTS TV’s Video on Demand platform, Stories From Home.

“I just got this idea for a Graffiti Gallery,” declares Stephen Wilson, Executive Director of Graffiti Art Programming, as he made the humble shift from working as a prison guard to working on crime prevention through art.  The documentary Graffiti Stories shows the impact and spread of this idea while following some urban “at-risk” youth from various cultural backgrounds as they find legitimacy in their art, whether its graphics, rapping, or dancing. Highlighting Winnipeg’s Graffiti Art Gallery and Studio 393 that take a unique angle of teaching through the four elements of Hip-Hop. Hosted by Winnipeg Rapper/ Radio Host Ismaila Alfa, this documentary sets out to be a beacon of hope for those who are immersed in or are aspiring for the urban arts.   

The film, greenlit into production in the Fall of 2013, will air exclusively in Manitoba on MTS TV Stories From Home.  This is the first film under the new Prairie Boy Productions banner, started by Winnipeg’s young talent duo Orlando Braun and Jorge Requena.  

“We’ve been friends and colleagues for over a decade now, and we’re thrilled to start working together as partners in Prairie Boy Productions. It is the start of many more great projects to come!” Orlando Braun states with pride about the new venture.

Graffiti Stories is directed by Jorge Requena; his experience as a filmmaker, musician, photographer, and writer aptly served the vision of this film. Before completing a BA in film studies, several of his short films were short listed and awarded in Festivals. In 2008, after receiving the CFTPA mentorship award, he focused in the documentary Format. His Documentary “Frostbite” received a grant from the Emerging Filmmakers Fund with OMNI TV and Rogers.  The idea for this Graffiti Stories emerged from the inspiring young artists he met while working with a media arts outreach program at Freeze Frame.

Orlando Braun is an Award winning Producer known for his cultural involvement in Winnipeg. He received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Film at the University of Manitoba and a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing from the New York Film Academy in Universal Studios, CA. In New York and Los Angeles he has worked with Industry professionals such as Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film, Manage-Ment [Garden State], Platinum Studios [Cowboys & Aliens] and Film Independent [Spirit Awards, LA Film Festival]. Orlando was selected for the CMPA Telefilm Canada Producers Mentorship in 2012 and is currently also working with Merit Motion Pictures.  The TV documentary Graffiti Stories is Orlando’s first production for television.

Graffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright Futures is copyrighted by 6771743 Manitoba Inc. and produced in association with MTS TV Stories From Home, and produced with the participation of Manitoba Film and Music, Government of Manitoba Provincial Tax Credits, and Government of Canada Federal Tax credits.