That Mennonite Joke

Written and Directed by Orlando Braun
Produced by Jorge Requena

“The problem with being a Mennonite is that there’s no good pick-up lines. The only good Menno pick-up line is: Hey, you look like a lady who knows how to play Uno.”
—Matt Falk


What is a Mennonite? A stiff, humorless, efficient farmer who prefers to live without electricity. At least that’s the stereotype. But Mennonites are also funny. No seriously, like really funny. Spread out across the country is a surprisingly large group of Mennonites, who specialize and capitalize on humor and who don’t ride horse and buggy.

What most people don’t know is: Mennonite’s bizarre native language, Plautdietsch is inherently funny and their culture is filled with jokes and laughter. So, what is at the root of all this humor? What is the barrier between North American culture and Mennonite culture? Is comedy strictly cultural? Do Manitoba Mennonites only laugh to keep warm? All these questions will be answered.

Matt Falk is a comedian from Niverville Manitoba… yeah it’s close to Winnipeg. His act is an offbeat concoction of self-deprecating humor and boyish charm. Matt is on a quest to craft the most hilarious act in history and to do that, he must go on a comedic walkabout through his heritage.

This journey will lead us through encountering other Mennonite entertainers like 3MolPlaut (A comedic Mennonite Trio with 4 albums, sung entirely in low-german), Corny Rempel (Menno radio host by day, world class Elvis tribute artist by night). He’ll talk to authors like Nathan Dueck, Armin Wiebe (Award-winning Author of The Salvation of Yasch Siemens), and Miriam Toews (Governor General Award recipient and multi-award winner) who have explored this unique humor in their books.

Beneath the droll flatlands of the Manitoba prairies lies a treasure trove of humor and culture, and Matt will attempt to uncover it. In doing so, can he finally bridge the gap between Mennos and Non-Mennos? Join Matt as he attempts to unlock the secret world of Mennonite humor.